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Our structural repair work is one our main specialties and it separates us from our competition. We are well known for our willingness to deal with complicated and unusual situations. Combining the latest repair techniques with traditional skills to deliver innovative and cost effective solutions, our goal is to reinstate structural integrity quickly and efficiently with minimum disruption.


Stucco Rehab – We are a full service stucco rehabilitation contractor. Over the last 10 years we have teamed up with design professionals and full litigation support to provide complete diagnosis, repair, and rehabilitation of water intrusion issues.

Health & Safety Risks – Water intrusion can cause serious damage to you home. Along with degradation of your homes structure, water penetrating the exterior finish can also produce mold posing serious health risks. Underlying moisture can easily go undetected until the damage is extensive. With our proven Moisture Management Process we provide full service diagnosis, repair, and rehabilitation.

Moisture Detection – The severity of moisture issues can be extremely difficult to detect. Our Moisture Management Process starts with moisture probing and test cuts to provide an accurate solution and scope of work to fix the issues. This process not only saves time and energy but can eliminate unnecessary work.

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Roofing – Unfortunately roofing systems do not last forever. Natural deterioration along with damage from hail, rain, snow, ice and wind will always prevail in the end. We provide roof repair and full replacement while offering a wide verity of new and innovative products.

Siding – Siding is your buildings first line of defense from weather abuse. Our experience with a wide variety of siding products will insure you get the look and protection you deserve. Our certified installers will guarantee your structure will remain weatherproof for years to come. We install many products including vinyl, fiber cement, engineered wood, natural wood, composite, stone, stucco, and brick.

Windows – Improve your buildings energy efficiency, comfort, value, and aesthetic appeal with new windows. Whether replacing just one window on a remodel or hundreds on a new apartment building we are confident our certified installers will do it right, the first time. 


Ice Dams – Ice dams are a serious issue and if not remediated properly the removal process itself can cause even worse damage. We use commercial grade low pressure steamers to ensure no damage to the materials your building. Ignoring ice dams can lead to serious water intrusion issues and can end up costing you thousands.


Snow Removal – It is also important to remove snow on the roof. Leaving snow will result in ice dams re-forming almost immediately. Knowing this, we make sure to carefully remove snow along with the ice formations.


Blower Door Testing – Blower door testing is the future of building performance. A blower door is a machine used to measure the air “tightness” of a building. Performing a blower door test on a building provides the most valuable information on how to solve specific building envelope issues as well as improving energy efficiency, comfort, and durability. We have a highly experienced in-house building performance professional who uses the newest building science technology to solve even the toughest performance issues.


Thermal Imaging – When used in conjunction with a blower door, a thermal image camera is used to specifically locate issues within the thermal boundary. This technology produces photos and a report similar to receiving an x-ray at the doctor’s office before having surgery. 


Efficiency, Comfort, & Durability – Using this new technology to solve efficiency, comfort, and durability problems with a building eliminates the “guess work” that has formerly been an issue in the industry. Now we can find the problems without performing invasive inspections allowing us to form work scopes specific to budget restraints.